Before you can buy food, service or merchandise one must earn money. At the end of the day, the cost of living and the wages are connected.

To find out how much a local earns, you need to ask about 10 average people. Asking something like:
"How much does the reception person earn per month?"
One person will say 1200 USD, while another will say 400, they will exaggerate.

The average daily wages for 85 percent of the planet is under 15 USD, and 50 percent earn less than 2.50 USD per day.

"You can always live for the same as the locals."

How much do these foods cost in Seoul South Korea?

12 Eggs
One Roasted ready to eat chicken.
A pack of Marlboro Lights cigarettes.
A Coca Cola
The cost to wash one load of laundry.

How much does the receptionist at a Hotel make per day, or month in U.S. Dollars in Seoul South Korea?

The cost of living is always tied to the wages of the locals, if a local person can live on 10-20 USD per day, then so can you...

How much is one liter of Gas in Seoul South Korea?

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